Our WanderPay is the easiest and most affordable way for you to become a Wanderer.

With no renewal forms, no hassle and seats on high-demand you can now simply set your renewal automatically and not have to worry about missing out on purchasing Membership in the future – WanderPay does it for you!

Anyone who pays using a valid MasterCard or Visa will automatically be opted in to the Wanderers WanderPay program.

You will have the option to pay in one lump sum, using Upfront WanderPay, or by spreading the cost of the membership out across the year using Monthly WanderPay. helping you to guarantee your membership status every year. Here is more details on each WanderPay option:

Upfront WanderPay

The direct Upfront Pay option will be deducted in one instalment upon receipt of your 2015/16 Membership application via a nominated VISA or MasterCard credit and debit card only.

Monthly WanderPay

The payment schedule for Season 2016/17 is spread over nine months with the first payment equal to 20% of the total amount due. The payment dates are:

Monthly WanderPay Schedule
Instalment 1Thursday 14 July 201620%
Instalment 2Monday 15 August 201610%
Instalment 3Thursday 15 September 201610%
Instalment 4Monday 17 October 201610%
Instalment 5Tuesday 15 November 201610%
Instalment 6Friday 15 December 201610%
Instalment 7Monday 16 January 201710%
Instalment 8Thursday 15 February 201710%
Instalment 9Wednesday 15 March 201710%

With this option you pay for your Membership over nine monthly instalments commencing with the first payment on receipt of your 2016/17 Membership application, and eight further equal instalments deducted on the 1st of each month commencing from the Thursday 14 July 2016. If you renew or join after 14 July using Monthly WanderPay your first deduction will equal the sum of months passed to bring you up to date with those instalment dates which have been missed.

For full terms and conditions relating to WanderPay, please visit Membership Terms & Conditions or contact the Membership Services team on (+61 2) 8602 6424.


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