Our Loyalty Program recognises and rewards Wanderers members for their ongoing commitment to the club.

Every member will be allocated a ‘Member Since’ year according to the number of years they have held consecutive membership with the Wanderers. Inclusion into the Loyalty Program is automatic upon renewal or purchase of your season membership.

This season all our members who have held consecutive years of membership since Season 2016/17 will be issued with our 3-year memorabilia key ring reflecting their membership milestone. Those members who have held consecutive years of membership since our 2014/15 season will be issued with our 5-year memorabilia key ring.

The Loyalty Program milestones are recognised at the following levels:

Member Loyalty - Seating Criteria
Loyalty YearLoyalty MilestoneBenefits
3 Year MemberWhite MilestoneExclusive 3 Year Loyalty key-ring
5 Year MemberBlack MilestoneExclusive 5 Year Loyalty key-ring
10 Year MemberRed MilestoneExclusive 10 Year Loyalty key-ring

If you choose to not renew your membership and re-join a season later, your ‘Member Since’ length will be reset to one-year membership.


Where Can You View Your ‘Member Since’ Year In 2017/18?

‘Member Since’ dates can be found on the reverse of your 2018/19 membership card. If your ‘Member Since’ date is incorrect, please email the Membership Services Team with the following documentation to have it changed:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Proof of membership cards


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