Charity Partners

We are proud to support a number of charities within our community.


We have had a strong relationship with Ronald McDonald House Westmead since the club’s inception in 2012. Each season, players regularly visit the house to bring joy to those who need it the most by either visiting during the Christmas period, celebrating seasonal holidays or even randomly stopping by for house visits.

Both Brendon Santalab, Jonathon Aspropotamitis and Alix Roberts are ambassadors for Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

Every season our  staff and players head to the house to partake in their ‘Meals from the Heart’ program. The program allows community groups to come in to supply and cook dinner for the families of sick children, easing their daily burden.


We  visit Westmead Children’s Hospital every season and bring a smile to many young deserving fans especially around Christmas when the hospital hosts their annual Wanderers Christmas Party.


We are firm supporters of White Ribbon Australia and campaign to end violence against women.

In season’s past we have organised a ‘White Night’ at a selected match encouraging fans to wear all white and donate to the White Ribbon campaign. Through wearing white, the same colour as the iconic ribbon, the fans and players at Wanderland raise awareness of all those women directly or indirectly affected by violence not only in the Western Sydney region but also throughout Australia.

Players each season take an oath in front of the crowd to further pledge their allegiance towards the cause and to do all in their power to end violence against women. Wanderers player Brendan Hamill is a current supporter for White Ribbon.


Our association with the Wish You Were Here foundation hopes to make a difference in the community by raising awareness and funding for Pancreatic Cancer research, treatment and detection. In the last 40 years, there have been incredible improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of cancers.

Pancreatic Cancer however, falls into a category that is classified as having a low survival rate with only 10% of people surviving once diagnosed. The Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is the only foundation in Australia dedicated to Pancreatic Cancer and wants to offer future patients hope of a better outcome.

The Wish You Were Here community project was named in tribute to all those that were taken by cancer.