Corporate Social Responsibility:

The support of the Western Sydney community is what drives us on the field, and off the field supporting the community is an integral driver to us as a club. While we aim to increase the size of our football community, it is the overall community itself in which we aim to make a real difference and add value to. We do this both through our football programs as well as our specifically targeted education and social programs to best help those who will benefit most from our support.

We engage with the community through two ways – WANDERACT and WANDERCARE.

WANDERACT is the use of messaging and campaigns targeting anti-bullying, anti-racism and anti-domestic violence.

WANDERCARE looks to make a difference in the lives of individual kids in Western Sydney.

Some of our initiatives from previous seasons have included supporting:

Donations Policy

Our focus is on support or activations that help these organisations depending on the nature and scope of the request or event.

We also have an established regional focus for donations. Organisations located in one of our nine football associations that are centred on education and youth football. These associations are:

Request A Donation

  • All donation requests must be submitted online SIX weeks prior to your event/procurement date. PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept paper submissions or requests submitted by mail, fax or telephone.
  • Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis with priority given to requests that align with the causes supported by the Wanderers and requests from affiliated football associations, schools, football clubs and corporate partners. Request evaluations take between 10-14 business days and this time frame is heavily dependent on the volume and time of year.
  • Receipt by the Wanderers of this request does not guarantee that the request will be granted.
  • We will confirm receipt of any request and subsequently inform all applicants of the outcome of such request.
  • If your organisation is located outside of the Western Sydney geographic area, please contact the A-League Club nearest to you to request a donation (please refer to the above associations).
  • Information you will need to complete the online donation form:
    • Event Information (Name, Date, Location and Description)
    • Charity Information (Organisation, Phone and a letter to certify fundraising)
    • Contact Information (Name, Email Address and Phone Number)

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that we are able to support you in your request.

PLEASE NOTE: Monetary and sponsorship requests are not accepted, nor are we able to accept merchandise for signing. We are also unable to accept personal requests for example birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.  

Donation Request Form