Our Member Committee is a member and fan engagement initiative. The aim of the committee is to provide a platform for a cross-section of club members to represent the wider membership base.

Meeting with club personnel the Member Committee is tasked to discuss key topics and questions that the wider membership base seeks further information or clarity on, as well as giving members the opportunity to provide feedback and discussion on several areas within the club.

Committee Members

Nominations for the 2019 Member Committee opened on Thursday 6 December 2018 and closed on Thursday 20 December 2018.

Following a thorough application process and internal review of all applicants we are proud to announce the following members who were chosen to be part of  2019 Member Committee.

Frank Oliveri (3 Match Flexi)

Daniel Valeri (Red & Black Member)

Bradford Gorman (Red & Black Member)

Brett Toomey (Red & Black Member)

Rhys Shelly-Jones (Red & Black Member)

Chris Bettiol (Black Member)

Janakan Seemampillai (Black Member)

Ian Storm (Black Member)

Barry Neaverson-Smith (Black Member)

Ryan Murray (Black Member)

Andy Kensett (Black Member)

Andrew McDonald (Red Member)

Joseph Vukasovic (Red Member)

Craig Chapman (Red Member)

Lee McKerracher (Red Member)

Jim Lumsden (Red Member)

Kieren Abbott (Red Member)

Tom Emeleus (Red Member)

Gab Dracopoulos (Red Member)

Paola Bevilacqua (Red Member)

Robyn McKenna (Red Member)

Harry Inns (Gold Member)

Peter Theos (Gold Member)

Member Committee Charter

The full Member Committee Charter can be found below.


Member Committee Agenda and Minutes

Member Committee Agenda 26.02.19

Do you have something to discuss?

Members wishing to put forward views or items for discussion at the next Member Committee meeting can do so by emailing at memberscommittee@wswanderersfc.com.au


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