If you’re unable to attend any match at home during Season 2018/19 you can forward your membership on to any family member or friend for free!

Your MyWanderers Account page lets you to electronically send your membership to friends, family, clients and even yourself in the form of an e-ticket. The recipient can either use their smart phone or print the e-ticket on a standard printer to get into the match.

All Wanderers 2018/19 season ticketed members can forward their membership.

There is no forwarding fee and by using the Forward My Membership service, you are giving friends and family the opportunity to fill your seat when you can’t.

PLEASE NOTE: The Forward MyMembership function is available up until three days out of any ANZ Stadium match.

How Do I Forward My Membership?

  1. Login to your Wanderers MyAccount page.
  2. Select the match and membership you wish to forward.
  3. Forward the e-ticket. The recipient will receive an email with a link to claim the ticket. The recipient must follow the link where they will be prompted to login, or create a MyWanderers Account in order to download the e-ticket. Once forwarding has occurred and the recipient has accepted the offer your membership card will become invalid for that match.

Is There A Fee For Forwarding?

No, there is no forwarding fee. By using the Forward My Membership service, you are giving other Wanderers supporters the opportunity to fill your seat and experience the action like you do.

What If The Recipient Cannot Attend The Event?

You can opt to receive a notification if the recipient does not accept the e-ticket offer. You might then send to another friend or family member or choose to attend the match yourself.

What Is The Deadline For Forwarding?

Forward My Membership cut-off is two hours before match kick-off. Where a pre-game match is scheduled the cut-off will be two hours before kick-off of the pre-game match.

What If The Recipient Does Not Claim The E-ticket?

Membership cards are valid up until the recipient accepts the offer and claims the e-ticket. Forward My Membership offers expire after 72 hours, or two hours prior to match kick-off, whichever occurs first. If the claim expires and time permits you may forward the e-ticket again.

What If I Sent My Tickets To The Wrong Email Address?

Under the ‘Manage My Membership’ page you can select ‘Cancel The Offer’.

What If I Sent The Wrong Match Or Wrong Seats?

Under the ‘Manage My Membership’ page you can select ‘Cancel The Offer’ and reissue the offer for the correct match and seat.

What If The Match Is Rescheduled Or Cancelled?

Normal policies for rescheduling and cancellations apply.


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