If you wish to request a change and/or upgrade of your membership seat for Season 2018/19 you will need to complete the request form below.

Members must assign a group leader to complete a request form for your membership group. This is to avoid multiple requests that come through from members in the same group. In the event there are multiple requests, the Membership Service Team will deem the first request received eligible should your request be successful.

It is extremely important that you include the correct details of all members in your seat change and/or upgrade request. It is the full responsibility of the group leader to complete the form correctly, no changes will be allowed after the form is submitted.

Due to reserved memberships being at capacity at both venues and high renewals in these areas, seat changes are strictly limited to availability. Should capacity be reached, priority seating will be offered to members who require specific seats for medical reasons followed by members who have been split from their seating groups.

Western Sydney Stadium Seating Status

As per the Seating Transition Principles, members who wish to sit together at the new Western Sydney Stadium must hold the same membership category in Season 2018/19 to form Seating Groups as part of seating allocation process in the transition to the new venue.

The form below is not the grouping form for the new Western Sydney Stadium.

It is highly recommended that members that need to change categories complete the below form as soon as possible to give you the best chance of having your request successfully actioned. Where possible the Membership Services Team will try to accommodate all upgrade seating requests.

For the full Seating Transition Principles and Seating Status details click here.

Please Note:

  1. By completing the form this in no way guarantees that your membership seat will be changed or upgraded.
  2. Your seat will only be moved if at the time reviewing your request there is availability in the sections you have requested.
  3. Refunds will not be issued based on dissatisfaction with allocated seating

Seat requests into Reserved Seat Membership (Red category or Black category) will be attended to after the closure of the Membership same seat renewals from 15 June through to 31 July 2018. Requests for movement into General Admission (White & Black category), Active Support (Red & Black category) or Non-Ticketed (Supporter category or Out of Towner category) Memberships will be attended to from 8 May through to 31 July 2018.

You can find current stadium maps here.

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