Want your students to play World Cup football like the best? Sign up your school for the Wanderers Street Football World Cup.

Street Football is an internal school lunchtime competition, delivered to you by your school football co-ordinator or a committed group of students, to see who is the best team through your school.

The competition is based on the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. Your students can enjoy playing the world game at the same time when World Cup action is taking over our lives.

With bragging rights on the line, your students should get their teams of four together and start playing in the lunchtime football event of the year.

How It Works

  • Students to enter a team of four
  • Follow the draw
  • Set your times and venues
  • Engage students to support as referees or competition administrators
  • Share your results and images on social media using #WSWStreetFootball

Proposed Venues

Anywhere within your school grounds that can host a 4v4 game is suitable. Some suggestions include:

  • Basketball Court
  • Indoor Arena
  • Oval


You will need:

  • Goals
  • Markers (bags or  jumpers can be used if needed)
  • Ball
  • Bibs

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