Return To Wanderland

We’re excited to share this journey with you

Our return to Wanderland is just one year away and the first stage of the transition is currently underway!

A new stadium means a new seat for everyone and we are committed to ensuring it is a smooth and fair transition for all members. The fundamental guiding values of loyalty, fairness and growth will be followed to ensure a member-centric approach is taken throughout the transition process.

The transition to the new Western Sydney Stadium is a major project for the club and the process will be long and comprehensive. We appreciate the patience of our members as we work diligently through this complex task.

The club will continue to use email as the primary method of communication throughout the transition. So that you do not miss out on any important news or updates, please ensure your email address is current and that you are opted in to receive emails.

Thank you for your on-going support during this very exciting time for our club.

Wanderland is Coming

Our new home at Western Sydney Stadium is coming together fast — construction is well underway with the venue set to open in 2019.

Stadium Maps

A new stadium means a new seating map

The new layout at Western Sydney Stadium is based off the best traditional Football venues across Europe and around the World. Wanderers Members will be closest to all the football action with the steepest stands and the largest fixed roof in Australia, giving coverage for everyone in the venue and providing the best atmosphere in Australian sport!

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