Bankwest Stadium will be the first venue in Australia to incorporate a dedicated active supporter section that features a safe standing area.

The Safe Standing area will give our active supporter members freedom to support in a more traditional football style as seen in Europe particularly in Germany and Scotland. Members can stand shoulder-to-shoulder to help continue to create the best atmosphere in Australian sport and what our supporters have been renowned for.

With a limited number of spaces available in this section the allocation of safe standing will be guided by the below principles:

Active Supporter Safe Standing Allocation Principles:

  1. ONLY Red & Black Active full season members in Season 2018/19 will be able to request a membership in the safe standing area
  2. Memberships will be allocated based on the Bankwest Stadium Seat Transition Principles
  3. One space will be allocated per active membership as per the international recognised standards
  4. The safe standing area will ONLY be allocated to members

The general admission seating located in the active supporter section will be allocated to members based on the Bankwest Stadium Seating Transition Principles.

See a full list of Bankwest Stadium FAQs here


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