Memberships purchased after Monday 17th December will be automatically allocated.

Each seating group will have a nominated leader who will be the main contact with the club throughout the seating transition process. Members must form groups with members that hold the same membership category in the 2018/19 season.

Seating Group Registration Steps

  1. Only complete the grouping form once you have finalised your Seating Group and have all the required member details for each member in your Group
  2. Only the Group Leader is required to complete the form to create a Seating Group.
  3. Please do not rush completing the Seating Group Form, you have until 17 December 2018. The date you submit the form WILL NOT impact your place in the seating allocation order.
  4. If you are an individual not looking to join a Seating Group, you MUST complete the form as a Single Person
  5. If you hold multiple memberships under the same account (i.e. a Family Membership) you MUST include each membership in this form that requires a seat at Bankwest Stadium
  6. You CANNOT complete a Seating Group Form with members who hold different Seating Status priorities as identified in the Seat Transition Principles
  7. If a member is part of another Seating Group or has registered as a Single Person you will not be able to add them to your Seating Group
  8. If a member of your Seating Group requires special access or seating requirements due to medical reasons you will need to upload the relevant documentation under the Special Requirements section of the form
  9. Members that hold more than twelve (12) memberships in their account as at 31 July 2018 will be allocated the same number of membership seats in the transition. If this applies to you, please contact outlining the required details of the members in your Seating Group.
  10. Once you submit your Seating Group Form it is final and you CANNOT change or edit any details.

View our How-To Guide for Registering a Seating Group here.


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