Our return to Western Sydney Stadium (WSS) in 2019 will be a major moment in the club’s history.

The transition to the new venue is a major project for the club and recognising member loyalty is fundamental to rewarding your continued support.

Please find below the most frequently asked questions.

How will my membership seats be allocated at Western Sydney Stadium? Will I be allocated my same seat?

Parramatta Stadium has been demolished to make way for the new Western Sydney Stadium (WSS). WSS is a completely new venue with a different layout and different seating configuration that has been designed to a capacity of 30,000. All member and general admission seating will be located in the Northern, Southern and Eastern stands while the Western stand will house all corporate, stadium, team and media facilities. It is therefore not possible to replicate your previous seating in an equivalent or similar seating position at the new stadium.

Your membership seats at the new venue will be allocated based on the WSS Seating Transition Process outlined below:

Your Seating Status level will be determined by what membership category you hold in the 2018/19 season. The last three seasons at Sydney Olympic Park (2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19) count towards your consecutive membership years.

Should you have allowed your membership to lapse during these seasons your membership/s will reset to zero and start again from the season you re-joined.

During the process you will be able to form a seating group with the members you wish to sit with and submit your category preferences for the new stadium.

Will my seat/s and category that I previously held at Parramatta Stadium determine my seat/s at the new Western Sydney Stadium? Or will my seats at ANZ Stadium or Spotless Stadium determine my seat/s?

Your seating allocation at the new Western Sydney Stadium will NOT be based on previous seating or membership category held at Parramatta Stadium, ANZ Stadium or Spotless Stadium.

Membership seating will be allocated based on the category preferences submitted starting with Full Season Ticketed Members in Seating Status 1, based on the membership category held in the 2018/19 season and in order of average consecutive years of membership in their seating group.

Once all members in Seating Status 1 have been allocated seats, members in Seating Status 2 will then be assigned seats as per the WSS Seating Transition Principles followed by new members.

More information will be released to members later this year around the member seat transition process including assigning seating groups, stadium maps, membership pricing and submitting category preferences for the new venue.

I wish to purchase additional membership seats next to me at the new stadium, what is the best way to secure these seats?

Membership seating in the new stadium will be allocated on a 1:1 basis (one membership equals one seat).

Once all renewing members have been allocated seats there will be an opportunity to request to purchase additional membership seats. This will be strictly subject to availability and determined by your Seating Status level as per the WSS Seating Transition Principles.

If you wish to purchase additional seats at WSS it is highly recommended that you purchase additional Full Season Ticketed Membership seat/s in the same category as your current Membership for the 2018/19 season. This will ensure that the new memberships are in the same Seating Status and category as your renewed memberships.

Please note: You must create seating groups with Members that hold the same membership category as you, with allocations being based on the average length of consecutive years of membership held of all members within the group.

I downgraded my membership to a reduced access/non-ticketed membership whilst we moved away from Parramatta Stadium, how can I guarantee I have the best Seating Status in the transition to Western Sydney Stadium?

If you have downgraded to a reduced access/non-ticketed membership during the move to Sydney Olympic Park (2016/17, 2017/18 or 2018/19 seasons) you currently hold Seating Status 2 in the transition to the new Western Sydney Stadium.

To hold the highest possible seating priority in the transition process, you must upgrade your Membership for the 2018/19 season to a Full Season Ticketed Membership in the category you wish to sit in at the new venue to elevate you to Seating Status 1 for the move to the new stadium.

By holding a valid membership during the seasons at Sydney Olympic Park you have maintained your consecutive years of membership status which will play a key role in the allocation of your membership seat/s as part of WSS Seating Transition Principles.

I want to make sure I am sitting near friends and family who are not part of my membership at the new Western Sydney Stadium. Will I be able to submit a seating request as a group?

As part of the transition process you will have an opportunity to form a SEATING GROUP with members you wish to sit with at the new stadium. Each group will have an assigned GROUP LEADER who will become the main point of contact for the group and the club throughout the seat transition process.

To create a Seating Group you must hold a valid 2018/19 membership and form your group with members that hold the same membership category and seating status as you for the transition to the WSS.

Please note: Your Seating Group order will change depending on membership category and the average length of consecutive membership years of all members in your Seating Group.

Seating Group information will be released to all members later this year.

When will information on members seating and membership options be communicated for the 2019/20 season at Western Sydney Stadium?

All members will be communicated more information on the transition to WSS in late-2018 including an in-depth Membership Transition Guide and process document, Seating Group process, stadium maps, membership pricing and category preferences.

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